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Getting Familiar with Schoology

Getting Started with Schoology | Schoology FAQs | How Can I Use Schoology? (video)

Next Steps

Accessing Parent Access Codes | Creating Annotations | Scan with OneDrive, Upload to Schoology Assignments| School-logy or School-aw-logy? | Blended Learning vs. Schoology | Schoology on Youtube | User Guide | Gradebook | Attendance | Courses & Groups | Finding Archived Courses & Materials | Assigning Interactive Slides in Schoology | Use PDF Expert with Schoology

End of Year Best Practices for Schoology Courses

Everything Schoology! Resource Guide

Getting Started with Schoology

New to Schoology? Learn the Basics for Online Learning: Get guided help from an educational expert on Schoology’s professional learning team. Lori Collier walks you through the basics of setting up your online course in Schoology.

Chapters: * Welcome – 0:00 * Navigation – 0:25 * Communication Tools – 3:10 * Courses vs Groups – 5:11 * Teacher View of Courses – 8:00 * Ideas for Course Structure – 12:15 * Adding Folders – 16:10 * Adding Pages – 19:20 * Assignments and Discussion Examples – 22:20 * Creating a Assignment – 27:37 * Creating a Discussion – 32:26 * Creating a Page – 35:45 * Using Updates in a Course – 41:00 * Student View – 44:03 * Student Completing an Assignment – 45:58 * Student Completing a Discussion – 47:40 * Grading a Discussion – 48:53 * Grading an Assignment – 50:45 * Teacher Gradebook View – 54:09 * Student Grade View – 55:00 * Communicating with Students – 57:10 * Wrap Up – 58:38

Getting Started

Getting started with Schoology (text-based help)
Your Schoology username and password is the same as your Active Directory username and password. These are the same credentials you use to logon to a computer on the school network. Whew! Yes, that’s one less password to remember! Login at (not www .schoology .com).

New2SGY! New public group for educators new to Schoology.

How Can I Use Schoology?

Teachers explain how they use Schoology to enhance their instruction and manage their classrooms.

We are moving students from digital consumers to digital producers.

Candace Lewis
Academic Coach with Wood County Schools

Schoology FAQs

What are your questions about Schoology? Over the summer, over 700 teachers in Wood County Schools received professional development in learning how to use our new learning management system (LMS). This list of FAQs was generated based on their questions. Let’s find out what we learned!

How do you pronounce Schoology?

So what is Blended Learning vs. Schoology?

Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face and online learning. The face-to-face time happens in class where students have direct access to the teacher. The online learning can be done at school or at home. Blended learning lessons contain three parts: in-person learning, online learning, and independent study time, which can all be combined differently. Obviously in-person learning needs to happen during school hours, but the online learning could be a video to watch for homework, a lesson prepared by the teacher, use of online sources at school, some type of digital curriculum, or assignments and discussions on [Schoology].

Kristen Cole
Education Writer

Think of it this way… Blended learning is the instructional delivery method and Schoology is the platform.

Accessing Parent Access Codes

Creating i-Ready Annotations

Follow along as Jimmy Stewart, TIS, demonstrates how to annotate PDF documents from the i-Ready Teacher Toolbox. This technique also applies to annotating PDF documents in general.

Mark up a PDF document in OneDrive for iOS

Sharing PDF documents via Schoology gives you a powerful tool to allow students to markup and/or add text to a document and then return it to you… Great for ‘yellow’ learn-at-home days.

Scanning with OneDrive and Uploading to Schoology Assignments

Candace Lewis, Academic Coach, shows us how to scan a completed assignment or document with the OneDrive app and then upload it to a Schoology Assignment from OneDrive.

Schoology has a wealth of information on YouTube.

Find quick start guides or dive in deep on Schoology’s YouTube channel.

The Nuts & Bolts

Instructor’s User Guide

The user guide provides comprehensive instructions and detailed support for WCS educators.

Using the Gradebook

The grade book fully integrates with your courses and automatically syncs with WVEIS. Learn how to input grades, add comments and materials.

Submitting Attendance

Submit your class attendance, learn how to view or print attendance, and add comments, all from the convenience of your cell phone or iPad.

Getting Started with Courses and Groups

Following training from WCS peer educators, use this resource to further your understanding of how to setup courses and groups.

Where Are My Archived Materials?

Assigning Interactive Slides in Schoology

Convert interactive Google slides to PowerPoint and assign in Schoology. Students will be able to manipulate the interactive slides and submit them back to you. This video shows how to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and assign them in Schoology using OneDrive Assignments.

Use PDF Expert App with Schoology

Bruce Boston, Spanish Language and Social Studies Teacher at Jackson Middle School, explains how to use PDF Expert app to edit PDFs and then submit them as an assignment on Schoology.

We are here to help!

Welcome to a fully integrated approach to managing the learning and logistics of your classroom. No more separate logins for LiveGrades, WVEIS attendance, and other platforms. Many platforms, such as OneDrive,, Khan Academy and YouTube are fully integrated in Schoology. Harness the power of their resources in developing engaging lessons for your students.

Use to find updates and learn more about professional development opportunities as you lean in to our new learning management system (LMS). And remember, we are here to support you. Reach out anytime!