What is Schoology?

How do you pronounce Schoology?

Getting Started

During June and July, WCS is providing training opportunities for educators. Sign up today and get a head start on learning how Schoology can enhance your classroom learning.

Getting started with Schoology for Instructors (Please note: Schoology usernames and passwords will be dispersed on the day of training).

Schoology has a wealth of information on YouTube.

Find quick start guides or dive in deep on Schoology’s YouTube channel.

Instructor’s User Guide

The user guide provides comprehensive instructions and detailed support for WCS educators.

Using the Gradebook

The grade book fully integrates with your courses and automatically syncs with WVEIS. Learn how to input grades, add comments and materials.

Submitting Attendance

Submit your class attendance, learn how to view or print attendance, and add comments, all from the convenience of your cell phone or iPad.

Getting Started with Courses and Groups

Following training from WCS peer educators, use this resource to further your understanding of how to setup courses and groups.

We are here to help!

Schoology will be rolling out over the summer. When all the pieces come together, get ready for a fully integrated approach to managing the learning and logistics of your classroom. No more separate logins for LiveGrades, WVEIS attendance, and other platforms. Many platforms, such as OneDrive, TeachingBooks.net, Khan Academy and YouTube are fully integrated in Schoology. Harness their resources in developing engaging lessons for students.

Use wcsinnovate.com/schoology to find updates and learn more about professional development opportunities as you lean in to our new learning management system (LMS). And remember, we are here to support you. Reach out anytime!