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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” ~ George Couros

Graphic Organizers, Brainstorming, & Ticket-Out-the-Door

Finding Useful Ways of Integrating Microsoft Whiteboard Into Your Instruction Using Microsoft’s recently updated Whiteboard application allows you and your students to quickly brainstorm ideas, use KWL charts, Venn diagrams and so much more. You can even create a ticket-out-the-door on the fly! Use a Whiteboard in Myriad Ways You ask, “What would I use…

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GoGuardian Got You Down?

Are you experiencing issues visiting legitimate websites for your instruction? It may be blocked by GoGuardian. Request that the website or specific URL be whitelisted so you can get back on track. The new tech work order system, SchoolDude, now offers this option. Sign in to your SchoolDude account. Under ‘Work Type,’ choose Whitelist Request.

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GoGuardian Deployment on February 9

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director: Go Guardian is being deployed to staff Macbooks and iPads on February 9th.   It will be pushed out before 7:00 AM that day.  Devices will grab the update as soon as they come online.       It will appear on your iPad and you may…

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SchoolDude Work Order System Goes Live February 9

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director: Wood County Schools is moving to a new work order system called SchoolDude.  The purpose for going with SchoolDude is simplicity.  Any staff member can submit work orders by answering 4 questions. Creating your Account An email will be sent on February 9th to all staff…

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Student Connection Issues with Apple Classroom

If you have seemingly random students that are not connecting to your class in Apple Classroom, here are some things you can try to remedy the situation. Of course, sometimes the issue is behavioral. Students turn off Bluetooth to avoid Apple Classroom but quickly turn it back on as a teacher approaches. Aside from this,…

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