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Clever Messages Feature to Be Discontinued

The Clever platform more recently introduced a messaging feature. Wood County Schools has decided to discontinue this option within Clever. Some educators used this option when teaching students in the WV Learns virtual school option as these students did not utilize the Schoology platform. Wood County Schools’ official messaging platform between students and teachers is […]

Entering Comment Codes into WVEIS

Follow these steps to enter comment codes into WVEIS. Doing this requires you to be on the school network. A) Visit WVEIS’s website at https://wveis.k12.wv.us. B) Click on: C) Login in with your WVEIS credentials (T996# and password). If you can’t get in, call MIS at (304) 420-9510. D) Click on MENUS in the top, […]

Taking Attendance in a Class Teams Meeting

Learn how to track attendance in your class Teams meetings. Jimmy Stewart shows you how simple it is to stay oh-so-organized. Please note, this is for your own purposes only. Tracking attendance in a Teams meeting does not interface with Schoology Attendance and is not required by Wood County Schools.

Using a Pointer During a Class Teams Meeting

When you use an iPad to present to students during a class Teams meeting, you don’t have the advantage of using a mouse pointer to guide students through your presentation as you would on a laptop. You can, however, use an accessibility option to not only mimic a mouse pointer, but also have quick access […]

A Notice About Schoology Conferences Feature

A notice from Jonathan Farley, Director of Information Technology, and Amber Matty, Technology Integration Specialist While Microsoft Teams is our supported and preferred tool for hosting conferences and meetings for distance learning, we know that some individuals have explored using the Schoology Conferences tool within our Schoology platform. During our monthly Schoology meeting with our […]

Using Microsoft Whiteboard During Teams Meetings

Have you often wondered how teachers use their iPads to demonstrate content to students? Many teachers utilize Microsoft Whiteboard in coordination with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Whiteboard is simply a digital dry erase board that you can use as a stand-alone tool or collaboratively with students. This tool also allows teachers and students to create a […]

Recently Install Teams on a New MacBook?

As MacBooks are dispersed to elementary and middle school educational professionals, installing Office 365 apps will now include Teams app installation. The installation is very simple; however, there is one extra step needed in order to share your screen with your students. Watch the two minute video to learn how. Install Office 365 apps, including […]

MacBook Rollout Begins

Beginning today, MacBooks will be rolling out to elementary and middle school professional educators. The MacBook provides a powerful tool for teachers working with students both in-person and remotely. Working in tandem with an iPad, teachers will be better positioned to effectively engage with their students using Microsoft Teams when working with remote learners. MacBooks […]


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