At INNOVATE, we are all about finding ways to inspire creativity, engagement, and community. We know that learning takes place when communication, collaboration, and critical thinking are in the mix and lesson efficacy and cohesive instruction tie it altogether.

Kevin Mace of Greenmont Elementary

The SAMR model of integrating technology tools into instruction allows educators to lean in to adding technology which results in higher levels of achievement for students.

INNOVATE aims to be a place where Wood County Schools’ educators can lean in to using these tools and find people to support them along the way.

INNOVATE also aims to…

  • Share best practices using technology
  • Encourage networking among educators
  • Share timely and pertinent information
  • Provide a central resource for supporting educators using instructional technology in classrooms throughout Wood County Schools

We hope INNOVATE is useful for you and helps you to take your students’ achievement to the next level.

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