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Get Started with Microsoft Teams

How can I better connect with my students while dealing with the restrictions of COVID-19? One option, which is included in your Office 365 account, is Microsoft Teams.

Using an iPad as a Document Camera and Whiteboard on Teams

Missing your smart board and document camera? With our students learning remotely, how can we recreate our classroom setting to best reach our students?

Setup Your Teams Meeting Using Schoology

During the pandemic, we all feel the need to prepare for those what-if situations. Should Wood County Schools need to go to remote-only instruction, we want to help you get ready for connecting with your students. In this video, Eric Murphy shows you a simple way to setup Teams meetings in Schoology.

This video has been updated to address a change in the Schoology/Teams integration.

Please note, this process currently works best using Google Chrome browser.

Setting Up Roles in a Teams Meeting

Concerned about a student recording your Teams meeting? Do you have a student who keeps muting another student? Learn how to change the user role from Presenter to Attendee.

Microsoft Teams allows for two roles to choose from when setting up an online meeting. The two roles are Presenter and Attendee. In most situations, you would want to assign your students the attendee role. Students can be changed to a presenter role, on-the-fly, during a meeting should they want to share their screen. Learn more in this blog post.

Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams – Online Course – 1 Hour

Learn about Microsoft Teams and how it can be used in classrooms and schools. This self-pace, online course should take around one hour to complete.

Want to jump right in there?

Check out the Teams Awesome Quick Start Guide.

Need a little more guidance to get started?

Watch an on-demand webinar and learn how to get started with Teams.

Teams Introduction for Educators and Staff
Duration: 60 Minutes

Microsoft Teams Video Training

This video training takes you one step at a time through every feature of Teams. Learn at your own pace.

Tracking Teams Meeting Attendance

Learn how to track attendance in your Teams Meeting. Please note, this is for your own purposes. Tracking attendance in a Teams meeting does not interface with Schoology Attendance.

To dive in even deeper, Microsoft has put together their top resources on distance learning.

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Quickly get started with tools to connect remotely and engage your students in Office 365. 

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The ultimate cheat sheet right at your fingertips. Download the Microsoft Teams quick start guide for EDU.

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Learn how to get started with Teams using these webinars designed for educators.

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Free training for creating your online classroom in Office 365. Get started. Visit the Family Learning Center for a collection of free family-led educational activities.

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Share best practices and connect with peers from all over the globe who are enabling remote learning with Teams. Sign up today.

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Make remote learning effective and engaging with Microsoft resources.
Top tips for sudden home-school facilitator.
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