Technology Systems Specialists

Your building’s Technology Systems Specialist, or TSS, is available to assist you with…

  • All Apple ecosystem issues
  • All Windows ecosystem issues
  • Printer installation and troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintenance of other hardware, such as ViewSonic ViewBoards
  • Software installation
  • Network issues

TSSs also monitor and ensure that all network systems are running properly.

Do you need some help? Due to the virus, there is currently no work order system, although one is coming. In the meantime, speak with your building tech contact and he or she will connect you with your TSS who can get you back up and running.

Danny Gallaher

Emerson, Greenmont, Madison, Neale, Van Devender, & Vienna

Brad Mace

Blennerhassett Elementary & Middle, Lubeck, McKinley, & Mineral Wells

Phil Naeser

Waverly, Williamstown Elementary & High

Temporary work order form for Waverly and Williamstown Schools

Allan Nichols

Parkersburg South High

Ephram O’Dell

Criss, Fairplains, Hamilton, Jackson, & Jefferson

Jeff Wilson

Edison, Franklin, Gihon, Kanawha, Martin, & Worthington

Doug Withrow

Parkersburg High