Technology Systems Specialists

Your building’s Technology Systems Specialist, or TSS, is available to assist you with…

  • All Apple ecosystem issues
  • All Windows ecosystem issues
  • Printer installation and troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintenance of other hardware, such as ViewSonic ViewBoards
  • Software installation
  • Network issues

TSSs also monitor and ensure that all network systems are running properly.

Danny Gallaher

Emerson, Greenmont, Madison, Neale, Van Devender

Heath Givens


Brad Mace

Blennerhassett Elementary & Middle, Lubeck & Mineral Wells

Phil Naeser

Vienna, Williamstown Elementary & Williamstown Middle/High

Allan Nichols

Parkersburg South High & Wood County Technical Center

Ephram O’Dell

Criss, Hamilton, Jackson & Jefferson

Jeff Wilson

Edison, Fairplains, Franklin, Kanawha & Martin

Doug Withrow

Parkersburg High

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