Connect with Your Students

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Connect with Schoology | Connect with Microsoft Teams

Connect with Schoology

What is Schoology?

Classroom Instruction
  • Develop, manage, and distribute course materials
  • Easily communicate with students
  • Facilitate online discussions
  • Record grades and attendance in an online gradebook
  • Create auto-graded tests and quizzes
  • Give parents visibility into child’s activities and progress
  • Collaborate or share resources via Schoology’s community groups
Classroom Productivity
  • Use the mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Use the calendar to manage assignments and activities
  • Easily message students, parents, and other educators
  • Gain access to thousands of free public resources created by educators for educators
Classroom Integrations
  • Integrate external sites, games, tools, and other resources with the app center

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Connect with Microsoft Teams

Teams provides a dynamic way for teachers to connect with students in and out of the classroom. During these extraordinary times, we are all learning how to best reach our students. Let Teams help with that.

What is Teams?

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