Schoology FAQs

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Student Login Questions

Will students use Clever to log in to Schoology?
  • No. All students will use their “Active Directory” usernames and passwords to log in to Schoology. This is the same username and password that students use to logon to a computer on the school network.
How do students log in to Schoology?

There are two options for logging in to Schoology:

  • iPad Schoology App – Students may log in to Schoology using the app.

Upon entering the app, they will need to type in Wood County Schools (it will auto populate) and then tap to select. From there, a login box will pop up and students can enter in their username and password.

  • Web Browser – Students may log in to Schoology through a web browser, such as Safari. A home screen icon has been pushed out to the iPads through JAMF. The web URL is Students will have a login box where they can enter in their username and password.
Does Schoology look the same on a MacBook (or Windows laptop) and iPad?
  • It will look the same if you are logging in to Schoology using a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Edge. The app version of Schoology on an iPad looks different.
Is there a plan to teach students how to use Schoology or will that be left up to individual teachers?
  • Visit our Schoology page for information about getting your students familiar with Schoology. There is also a Schoology folder inside the WCS Employee Resources Group that will have helpful information and navigation guides that can be shared with students and parents.
  • If you would like help with introducing Schoology to your students, please reach out to a Technology Integration Specialist. We can help suggest activities and work with you to help students become familiar with the Schoology platform and learn how to submit items that you have created within your courses.

Parent Login Questions

How do parents create a Schoology account?
  • Parents will receive an access code from the school for their child. Student accounts will need to be activated prior to the disbursement of parent access codes.

The handling and distribution of parent codes will be decided upon by school administrators. They will go to to register for a parent account. Information sheets will be provided. They will need a personal email account to activate their account. Parents should not create an account prior to receiving their child’s access code.

Is the parent view of Schoology different from the student view?
Can parents receive emails from Schoology concerning student information?
  • Yes! Parents will be able to sign up for a “Weekly Parent Digest” that is set to be emailed out on Friday afternoons. This email is a summary of student grades, attendance, and information regarding assignments. Learn more.
I am a parent with multiple children in WCS or I am a teacher who has a child in WCS. Do I have to have separate Schoology accounts?
  • A parent will receive access codes for each child, however, he/she will be able to link all of his/her children to one Schoology parent  account. The parent will be able to toggle back and forth between students.
  • A teacher who is a parent of a child in WCS will receive a code to activate and set up a parent account for their child. After the parent account is created, it is possible for the teacher to link his/her teacher account to his/her parent account(s).

WCS Employee Login Questions

How do WCS employees log in to Schoology?

There are two options for logging in to Schoology:

  • Web Browser- Employees may log in to Schoology through the web. The web URL is Employees can use the login fields to enter their username and password.
  • Employees may also access Schoology by visiting
  • iPad Schoology App – Employees may log in to Schoology using the app. Upon entering the app, type in Wood County Schools (it will auto populate) and then tap to select. From there, a login box will pop up and employees can enter in their username and password .
What are my credentials for logging in to Schoology?
  • Username: Active Directory username (your employee ID number)
  • Password: Active Directory password (your 15-digit minimum password)

These credentials are the same as the ones used to logon to a computer on the school network.

Help! I do not remember or know my active directory password. Who can reset it for me?
  • For password resets, please send an email using your k12 email account (required) with your employee ID number to either Heath Givens or Jason Ballengee, Technology Systems Specialists, both with the MIS department, or Amber Matty, Eric Murphy, or Jimmy Stewart, Technology Integration Specialists with the C&I department. We will try our best to get back with you as soon as possible.
Do all WCS employees have a login to Schoology?
  • Yes. All professional and service employees have access to Schoology. All employees will need to access the Wood County Schools Employee Resources Group. Resources and forms from each department from the central office can be found here.
Is there a way to remove the word “email” on the sign in screen of the site?
  • No. There is not a way to remove the word “email” on the login screen.

Attendance Questions

Where will teachers take attendance in Schoology?

Choose Attendance on the left menu of the course. From there, tap/click on Start Attendance and then make the necessary changes. Please be sure to scroll down and click Save before switching to a different area in Schoology.

Elementary teachers: Choose “Homeroom” course to take attendance.

When will teachers take attendance?
  • Elementary teachers will take attendance first thing in the morning.

Attendance data will be reported to WVEIS through Schoology once per school day.

  • Middle and high school teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each class period.

Attendance data is scheduled to report to WVEIS in timed increments throughout the school day. This will allow for data to be recorded for numerous class periods throughout the day.

How is attendance changed at a later date such as for a doctor’s excuse?
  • WVEIS is still the official attendance record. Secretaries/teachers (depending upon administrator protocol) will still need to code absences and make official absence changes through the WVEIS green screen.
 Will teachers be able to see absences that were manually coded in WVEIS?
  • Schoology does not offer a way to report back student attendance that has been manually coded through WVEIS green screen. If you need an official attendance report from WVEIS, please see your school’s secretary.
Will I be able to see other teachers’ attendance?
  • No. Teachers will only be able to see attendance for their own courses.

Administrators will have the ability to see student information, including attendance, for all students in the school.

How will attendance work with a substitute teacher?
  • This will be determined by your building administrator. Please do not share your Schoology username and password with substitute teachers or anyone else.

Questions Regarding Information Received Via WVEIS Student Information System (SIS)

Can you rename or edit names of courses once uploaded from WVEIS?
  • No. Please do not edit the names of courses. This will interfere with WVEIS when it pulls information to be recorded.
  • Teachers do have the option to change the course photo. Teachers can create a graphic with the desired name and upload it as the course photo. For example, an 8th period science teacher could make a PowerPoint or Keynote slide with a picture of a beaker and use text to add “Ms. Baker’s 8th Period General Science.” She would then be able to use the snip tool or take a screen shot and upload the image as the course photo which makes it easier to recognize.
How do you change what school you are assigned to in Schoology?
  • You cannot change your assigned school in Schoology. This information is loaded in Schoology via WVEIS. Due to master schedules at various schools, it is possible for a teacher to work at one location but be attached to another school (ex: Caperton and Tech Center teachers, teachers who service students at multiple schools, and so forth).
 Is there a way to merge all students together into one course?
  • As of right now, no. This question stems from how students are rostered into courses for the school’s master schedule through WVEIS. Solutions for this situation are being considered.
Can courses be created in WVEIS for teachers who aren’t the teacher of record?
  • No. Courses cannot be created in WVEIS. If a teacher falls under this scenario, he/she can contact a TIS and we can help the teacher create a course and add students to it.
If a teacher is not the teacher of record, will he/she be able to view recorded grades?
  • No. In order to view the grades of a specific student, a teacher must be an “administrator” of the course in which the student’s grade is recorded.

Schoology Integration Questions

Some apps in the app center say they need to be configured before installing. What do I do?
  • You can contact a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) with your Schoology app center request and we can check to see if it can be added for your school. Some apps will automatically be added at the county level (ex: Microsoft 365 tools, YouTube, etc.). Please keep in mind that many of the apps listed in the Schoology App Center require paid subscriptions for individual students or site licenses for schools or the district.
Will textbooks and other county-used programs be loaded into Schoology?
  • Many of our county’s textbooks and programs are accessible through Clever. Students will continue to utilize Clever on iPads to access those programs and materials.
  • Some textbook companies have digital content (texts, resources) that can be integrated into the Schoology platform. We will be providing information about our textbooks and programs to Schoology to discover which companies offer integrations. This information will be passed along as we learn of new integrations available to teachers and students.
  • Please keep in mind that we are still in the process of making sure rostering, courses, and other important information is setup first. Requests for LTI integrations will be considered, however, setup and administrative tasks with the platform will be prioritized over Schoology App Center requests and other integration requests.

Schoology Grading Questions

Will the central office input grade periods?
  • Yes. Grading periods will be managed and adjusted, as needed, at the county-level.
Will there be a “finalize grade” button at the end of each grading period as with LiveGrades?
  • No. There is no finalize grade button.

Grades will need to be entered by a certain deadline as determined by county-level administration. At that time, there will be a county upload of grades into WVEIS.

Is there a way to go back and pull grades for students who have been removed from your class (ex: school transfers) or have switched to another class?
  • Yes. Students who have been removed from a course will appear in “Members” as inactive. Teachers may continue to view student grades, attendance, and more by clicking/tapping on the student’s name under the inactive members option.
Can a teacher add a co-teacher to his or her course?
  • Yes. A teacher can add a co-teacher to his/her course by selecting the course and then going to the “members” feature on the left. From there, select the “add member” button and search for the teacher you would like to add. After adding the teacher, you will want to give him/her admin rights to your course by clicking on the gear beside his/her name and then choosing “make admin.”
In the gradebook, why is the date option greyed out when manually entering a grade?
  • This is something that Schoology does not give the option to change. If you would like to add a date to the manually created assignment, include the date in the name of the assignment when creating the manual grade column.
Is there a PDF version available for the grade book?
  • Schoology does not offer a PDF report for the grade book, however, grades can be exported as a .csv spreadsheet file.

Schoology General Questions

How do you avoid student cheating (using other programs to search answers) while taking an assessment?
  • Students can utilize teacher-created assessments through the Schoology app. Teachers can use Apple Classroom to lock their students into the Schoology app and prevent them from navigating to other places on their iPads while taking a test. Learn more about Apple Classroom.
Can teachers add students to groups?
  • Yes. Teachers have the ability to create groups and have their students join the group using the group access code. Students can share information and interact in the group using the discussions, resources, and albums features.
Is there a character limit for questions when building assessments?
  • We are unaware of any character/text limits when building items using the assessment tool.
Will teachers be required to submit lesson plans if everything is on Schoology?
  • Yes. Teachers must continue to submit lesson plans.
Schoology allows me to tag standards to items I create within my courses. I have noticed they are out of date. When will the current standards be added to Schoology?
  • Schoology has received the current/updated standards and they are using a third party company who is working to update the standards for West Virginia.
Will teachers be able to approve/not approve items added to the media album?
  • There is not an “approve” button for teachers to click on before media is added to the album. However, there is an “edit media” option under the “gear” that will allow teachers to easily discard media that may not belong. It is also encouraged that prior to the lesson, teachers provide a mini digital citizenship lesson and make expectations (and consequences) clear to students who are utilizing the media album feature inside Schoology.
Is there a way to print student rosters from Schoology?
  • At this time, there is not a “print roster” button. However, there is a “cheat” way to print a roster. Log in to Schoology. Select a course. Select “Attendance” on the left menu. Change the date range to a week where you have not recorded attendance. “Right click” on the page and then choose “print page.” This will allow you print a roster with boxes and student numbers. You can also save it as a PDF for future use and printing.
Is there a way to import a Google Drive form into Schoology?
  • There is a Google Drive Resources App in the Schoology App Center. You can import it through there or you can simply add the link to your Google Form using the “Add Link” tool under materials.
Can I pull items from Microsoft 365 into Schoology?
  • Yes. We are utilizing Microsoft 365 integrations. You can add items from your OneDrive into Schoology. You also have the option to add links to forms and other items you have created using Microsoft 365 apps.
Would it be possible to get a “how to” shortcuts page for teachers?
  • In addition, teachers can also utilize the “support” link at the bottom of the Schoology page. The support link includes help by keyword or topic, a community forum, and email, live chat, and phone support. A dialog box will pop up and the top link on the right will direct them to the Schoology Help Center where there are already user guides and other resources available.
I have a question not listed here. Where can I find help?

Feel free to reach out to a Technology Integration Specialist. We are here to support you!

Visit the Schoology Educator Resource Page on Innovate!