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3DBear AR | 826 Digital | Destiny Read | Epic! | Follett Destiny | Gizmos & Gadgets | Newsela | Titlewave | Workbench

Note that many of the apps below can be teacher-directed using an Apple TV or Reflector 3 with a large screen or projector. Need help getting this setup? Let us know!

3DBear AR

This easy-to-use education app provides you and your students the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality. Why use 3DBear in your classroom: Students learn by doing. Easy to implement Design Thinking Lesson Plans in ELA, Science, Social Studies, Art, SEL, and Math. Meet ELA writing, speaking, and listening standards. Your students do the work, you do the coaching and mentoring. Your students will LOVE creating, learning, and showing off their talents.

826 Digital

This webapp was created as an after-school program for writing. It’s creators have shared the content with teachers.

Destiny Read

Access Follett eBooks and Follett audiobooks online and offline using the Destiny Read app. After you have checked out eBooks and audiobooks from your library, you can access your account and download your eBooks or audiobooks for access on your iPad or iPhone! This app is for users of Follett eBooks and audiobooks.


Epic! is free for elementary school teachers and school librarians in the U.S. and Canada. Used in over 90% of elementary schools, Epic! brings an award-winning digital library into every classroom. Epic! motivates young readers with badges and rewards, and teachers assign books and track each student’s reading progress.

Follett Destiny

Connect and maintain your Destiny Library Manager, Textbook Manager and Asset Manager system on the go! The Follett Destiny app is the powerful new tool designed specifically for Destiny administrators and media specialists. No longer will you be tied to your desk or office – with the Follett Destiny app you are provided with quick, easy access to perform circulation functions – right from your iOS device.

Gizmos & Gadgets

The littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets app is your personal guide to unleashing creativity. Discover thousands of inventions, take challenges, control your inventions wirelessly, connect with the global littleBits community, access step-by-step tutorials, and easily upload and share your own creations. And if you have the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition, this app is a requirement!


Newsela Student supercharges learning in every subject. It starts with engaging articles on any topic you can think of—each available at 5 reading levels. Articles come with activities to help students take a deeper dive into the content. As students read and take quizzes, the Newsela app adjusts the reading level to keep articles challenging and engaging. Plus, students can keep track of their improvement over time automatically.


The power of Titlewave on the train, in the bookstore or in the faculty lounge. If you still haven’t tried Titlewave, the leading tool used by schools everywhere to quickly find only the best educationally relevant content to support learning. Our app lets you scan barcodes to search and build lists on the go. Sign up today at We’ve included your latest TitleWise analysis along with TitleCheck to help you identify the titles you already own.


This webapp allows you to find STEAM tasks with a dynamic project-based learning hub.