Learn@Home Will Sunset on Aug. 31

Learn@Home will be replaced with our new learning management system called Schoology. To learn more about Schoology visit Wood County Schools’ website.

Welcome Students, Parents, and Caregivers! Wood County Schools has worked hard to connect every teacher with each one of her or his students during this challenging time.

We’re in this together!

Find classroom lessons, activities, projects, ways of communicating and more. Take advantage of telelearning and continue to have high expectations for your child. Simply choose your grade level, pick your school, and find your teacher!

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Summer is here!

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Learn some new math games and have some fun!

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Support for Emotional Health at Home

The longer children are apart from friends, family, school or social events, the harder it may be for them to cope through this time at home. Using the acronym COPE, here are some ideas and resources that may be helpful. Continue…

Wood County Schools supports its students and families during this challenging time. Find the resources you need to help your children and yourself.

A message for parents and caregivers from Wood County Schools Health Services.