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Get Started with Microsoft Teams | Submit a Shared Folder | My Linked Folder | OneDrive Folder Organization | Use Lens to Capture Content

Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Teams provides a dynamic way for teachers to connect with students in and out of the classroom. During these extraordinary times, we are all learning how to best reach our students and provide lessons and connections that reteach, maintain, and enrich learning. Let Teams help with that.

What is Teams?

Ready to get started? Let’s go…

Having issues with your shared folder link on Innovate? Let us know.

Submit a Link to a Shared Folder

We highly recommended viewing the video below prior to submitting a link. It will likely save you from having to resubmit.

Directions for: Google Drive | Dropbox

Please only submit one shared folder link.

You will be sharing a link to one folder in your Office 365 OneDrive account (or other service) that you have shared with the public. After this point, you will manage all of your content from within this folder in your own OneDrive account. Any content you add, such as a parent welcome letter or a weekly agenda, will be added by you to your shared folder in your OneDrive account, not to Innovate.

Innovate simply provides the link between your name on the Innovate site and your shared folder in your OneDrive account. Think of your shared folder as the file cabinet drawer. When you open that drawer, you will find all of your documents (eg. parent welcome letter) and subfolders (eg. week 1, week of April 20-24, reading, math, chemistry, or biology).

Again, there is no need to submit additional folders to Innovate.

Important notes:
1. Please view the video above prior to submitting.
2. Share a link to a folder only. Innovate will not link up single documents, such as a Word or PDF document.

My Linked Folder: What kinds of files can I include?

A better question might be: What can’t I include? OneDrive allows you to share all types of content with your students.

  • Want to teach a science lesson on photosynthesis? Take a walk around your backyard and record examples of spring blooms using your cell phone. Share the video in your OneDrive shared folder. Create a Word document to accompany the video and challenge students to record their observations.
  • Rain, the birds chirping, lawn movers… Spring has arrived! Find ways to share audio in the .mp3 format using your cell phone voice recorder app that celebrate the season and challenge your students to differentiate between the sounds of winter and spring.

Here are some common formats that you can share in OneDrive to better connect with your students:

  • Apple: Movie, Pages, Sketch
  • Microsoft Office 365: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Audio/Video Media Files: BMP, HEVC, M4V, MOV, MP3, MP4, WMV, & many more
  • Image Formats: GIF, HEIC, JPEG, JPG, JPE, PANO, PNG, TIF, TIFF, & many more
  • Adobe: PDF files
  • eBooks: ePub (can be created using Apple Pages)

This is not an exhaustive list. Find everything else here.

OneDrive Folder Organization

Now that you have your OneDrive folder shared on Innovate, it’s time to get organized! Jimmy Stewart is here to show you how easy it is.

Use Microsoft Lens to Capture Content

Do you have a good old fashioned paper that you would like to add to OneDrive for your students? Forget the scanner. Use Microsoft Lens to snap an image and easily import into your OneDrive. Follow along as Amber Matty tells you how.