WCS Health Services

A Message from Wood County Schools Health Services

1. STAY HOME.  Only go out for necessary health care, medication, groceries or mandated employment.

2. It is very important to keep regular schedules for school-aged children, including teenagers. 

  • Regular physical activity (60 minutes recommended), rest/ sleep/ bedtimes, and proper hydration/ nutrition are the pillars of health.  Don’t forget to get some fresh air… but practice social distancing!

3. Encourage and practice regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds before meals, after using the restroom, when arriving home or coming indoors, and before preparing food.  

  • Children and teens need extra encouragement and supervision.

4. If you think that someone in your household is sick, contact your health care provider for advice. 

  • If symptoms are mild, you may be able to manage your own care at home with rest, hydration and over the counter medications to treat the symptoms.  
  • If symptoms are severe, contact your health care provider or the Emergency Department to help to determine if going to the hospital is necessary.  

Important health & social services resources:

United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley:  304-580-0570

  • Resource information for community, can be contacted on Facebook.

Wood County Family Resource Network:  304-420-9574 

  • Resource information for community, can be contacted on Facebook.

Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department:  304-485-7374

  • Health care and resources for community, can be contacted on Facebook.

Ritchie Regional Health Center:

  • Community-based healthcare 
  • Jefferson Campus:  304-699-0506
  • PSHS Campus:  304-699-0809
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