WCS Instruction Coaches

Parent Edition!

Instructional Coaches Greg Merritt, Candace Lewis, and Joanna Mulligan, along with WCS’s Innovation and Improvement Specialist, Tammy McKnight, show you how to play some simple games using items you can find around the house.

Four Strikes

In a math game similar to hangman, guess the numbers that go in each place in the equation using knowledge of place value and strategic thinking. Candace and Greg teach you how.

Math Boggle

Greg and Candace share a Boggle game that requires using math facts, order of operations, and strategic thinking.

Tic Tac Toe 15

Tammy and Candace teach you how to play a math game that offers addition practice, problem solving, and strategic thinking.

Close to 100

Play a fun game and practice your math facts at the same time. Candace shows you how.

Make a Ten Game 1

Making ten is an essential skill to develop in primary students for building number sense, and for future success with all four math operations. Greg and Joanna teach you how to play.

Make a Ten Game 2

Greg and Joanna are back at it!

Greater or Less

Build number sense and help kids communicate mathematically with this fun card game for two players. Tammy and Greg explain.

Cross Off

Help kids practice addition facts in a game that encourages flexibility, strategy, and critical thinking. Tammy and Greg get you started.


Greg, Tammy, and Candace show you how to use three dice to create equations and knock down pins.

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