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Student Connection Issues with Apple Classroom

If you have seemingly random students that are not connecting to your class in Apple Classroom, here are some things you can try to remedy the situation.

  1. Of course, sometimes the issue is behavioral. Students turn off Bluetooth to avoid Apple Classroom but quickly turn it back on as a teacher approaches.
  2. Aside from this, the first place to start is making sure that a student’s Bluetooth is turned on in Apple Settings.
  3. Make sure the student’s iPadOS version is relatively up-to-date. It should be updated to at least iPadOS 14.6. If the iPad is using an older iPadOS, such as 13.1, this could be part of the problem. To update, go to Apple Settings, choose GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATE > DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. If it won’t install, contact your Technology Systems Specialist (TSS) for assistance.
  4. Sign the student out of her or his Managed Apple ID and then sign back in. Learn how in this video.

We know Apple Classroom can be a big help in managing your instruction and your classroom. If you are still having issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric Murphy or Jimmy Stewart. Teaching is tough enough without all the technical issues. We can help get Apple Classroom back on track.

Find more general help with setting up classes and adding students to Apple Classroom here.

Missing Classes in Apple Classroom

Update from the MIS Department

The MIS department is working with Apple and is seeking ways to prevent the loss of manually created classes for Apple Classroom in Apple School Manager going forward. If you need assistance rebuilding your classes, please visit our post titled The New Apple Classroom.

This morning, you may have noticed that your classes are missing in Apple Classroom. The MIS department is aware of the issue. When they know more, we will be sure to pass along any information.

Some teachers have begun to rebuild their classes. There appears to be no harm in this with this caveat: Currently, it is unknown if a restoration of the data is possible. If it is, and an attempt to restore the data is not successful, any rebuilding of classes may be lost again.

Have a happy Monday! 🙄

Yay… New Software!  Bummer… My App Doesn’t Work Now!

MacOS Monterey (Mac laptop) and iOS 15 (iPad software) are the new operating systems from Apple that were released recently.  It is always an exciting time for me to check out the new features that a new operating system brings, but at the same time it is nerve-racking when software that was working suddenly stops or develops glitches!  One glitch we are aware of so far will affect you if you use Apple Classroom with your MacBook.  If your MacBook updates to the new MacOS called Monterey 12.0.1, you will be able to open Apple Classroom and everything will look fine.  When you click to open a class, your Apple Classroom software will most likely crash.  Apple is aware of this issue and says an update to the Apple Classroom app is coming soon.

Also, we have been made aware of an issue, after updating to tvOS 15.0, when a user tries to mirror their screen using AirPlay from a Mac or an iPad, the TV just turns black. tvOS 15.1 has come out and the issue is supposed to be fixed.  If you are experiencing this issue, please update your tvOS to 15.1 to take care of the problem.

The New Apple Classroom

Need to reset your managed Apple ID password? Click here.

With new changes to Apple Classroom it has become more important to make the move toward using Managed Apple IDs when signing into iCloud on school devices.  This includes student iPads, teacher iPads, and teacher MacBooks.  Learn more about Apple IDs.

Apple Classroom Step 1 – System Requirements and Managed Apple ID

On your teacher device it is imperative that you sign into iCloud with a Managed Apple ID. Please also watch this video to see system requirements.

Apple Classroom Step 2 – Setup and Add Students

Watch this video to learn how to create your classrooms and add students.

Step 3 – Reset Student Managed Apple ID Passwords

Learn how to reset Managed Apple IDs for your students after you have added them to your class.

Step 4 – Using Apple Classroom

Apple Classroom is used to guide instruction in the classroom. It is an essential tool for every classroom teacher!

Setting up Managed Apple ID on a MacBook

View video to learn how to sign in using your managed Apple ID on your Mac (what’s this?). This will allow Apple Classroom on your iPad and your MacBook to sync automatically.

With your iPad and MacBook both signed into iCloud with the Managed Apple ID, it will allow Apple Classroom classes to sync across devices so you only have to set up your classes once!  Even if your device would need to be wiped or reset, your classes would come back once you sign into your Managed Apple ID and then open Apple Classroom.

Please understand the immense importance of everyone using the Managed Apple IDs.  If one person chooses to use a regular Apple ID in iCloud, they will not be able to get Apple Classroom to work unless they sign out all the students as well.  If that is done, it will cause all other teachers who are using the Managed Apple ID to not be able to use Apple Classroom until all their students are signed back in.  

Have you forgotten your managed Apple ID? No problem. You can contact your building’s TSS or request a reset here and we will send it to you via email as quickly as possible.

Taking Attendance in a Class Teams Meeting

Learn how to track attendance in your class Teams meetings. Jimmy Stewart shows you how simple it is to stay oh-so-organized.

Please note, this is for your own purposes only. Tracking attendance in a Teams meeting does not interface with Schoology Attendance and is not required by Wood County Schools.

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