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Maintain an interesting and engaged class with Apple Classroom.

Apple Classroom allows you to use your iPad or Mac to channel your students through a lesson while also keeping them on task. The app also provides a simple and direct way to send and receive files whether it be between an educator and a single student, a specific group of students, or the entire class.

Would you like to open a specific web page in an instant on all of your students’ iPads? How about AirDropping a PDF document and asking students to markup features of the article and return it to you? It’s all possible and more with Apple Classroom.

With Apple Classroom, you will be able to…

  • View student iPad screens
  • Navigate students to a particular app, book, or web page
  • Use AirDrop to share student work on a larger screen
  • Help students stay focused by locking them into a specific app
  • Manage multiple groups such as stations
  • Focus students in lesson by locking screens

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