SchoolDude Work Order System Goes Live February 9

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director:

Wood County Schools is moving to a new work order system called SchoolDude.  The purpose for going with SchoolDude is simplicity.  Any staff member can submit work orders by answering 4 questions.

Creating your Account

An email will be sent on February 9th to all staff so they can create a SchoolDude account.

The email will look like this:

Submitting a Work Order

The SchoolDude app will be pushed out to all staff iPads.  Click the app, enter your email, password, and select the help desk for the product selection.

The app looks like this:

The link below is for any user to use on MacBook/Windows devices.  Please save this link on your machine. 

[Editor’s note: This address will also be linked to every page of Innovate in the right-hand sidebar.] 

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