GoGuardian Deployment on February 9

GoGuardian Update

As of February 22, 2022, use of GoGuardian has been discontinued by Wood County Schools.

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director:

Go Guardian is being deployed to staff Macbooks and iPads on February 9th.   It will be pushed out before 7:00 AM that day.  Devices will grab the update as soon as they come online.      

It will appear on your iPad and you may have to look through your apps.

On MacBooks, you will need to look under your launchpad to find the Go Guardian app.

For launchpad, look for either icon:

You will need to launch the Go Guardian app which looks like this:

Once you have successfully launched the app you will get a screen that shows the following:

Once you see the above screen your internet browsers will work as normal. 

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  1. Eric Murphy Post author

    The GoGuardian app comes in two stages: First, the app itself is deployed. Secondly the GoGuardian profile is sent. If the app has arrived on your device, but not the profile, you should still have internet access. If this is the case, at some point the profile will finish downloading to your device and your internet will be interrupted. At this point, simply open GoGuardian again on your device. For some teachers who get the ‘configuration incomplete’ message and have no internet, restarting the device has generally fixed the issue. If you are still have trouble, reach out to your buildings TSS for assistance or place a tech work order request. Your TSS can be found above under the “Technology” menu item. The work order link can be found above on the right-hand side of this page.


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