Student Connection Issues with Apple Classroom

If you have seemingly random students that are not connecting to your class in Apple Classroom, here are some things you can try to remedy the situation.

  1. Of course, sometimes the issue is behavioral. Students turn off Bluetooth to avoid Apple Classroom but quickly turn it back on as a teacher approaches.
  2. Aside from this, the first place to start is making sure that a student’s Bluetooth is turned on in Apple Settings.
  3. Make sure the student’s iPadOS version is relatively up-to-date. It should be updated to at least iPadOS 14.6. If the iPad is using an older iPadOS, such as 13.1, this could be part of the problem. To update, go to Apple Settings, choose GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATE > DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. If it won’t install, contact your Technology Systems Specialist (TSS) for assistance.
  4. Sign the student out of her or his Managed Apple ID and then sign back in. Learn how in this video.

We know Apple Classroom can be a big help in managing your instruction and your classroom. If you are still having issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric Murphy or Jimmy Stewart. Teaching is tough enough without all the technical issues. We can help get Apple Classroom back on track.

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