Teams Integration with Schoology Ending in WCS

When it became necessary for Wood County Schools to switch to remote instruction last fall, teachers rose to the occasion and began learning multiple technology tools to meet with, and meet the needs of, their students. Any option that helped during that period of time was welcomed. One tool was the Teams integration within Schoology. It allowed for teachers to quickly and easily establish a face-to-face meeting with students without having to completely understand how the Teams app itself worked. Today, for most, this tool is no longer necessary. Teachers are still using Teams in all kinds of ways, but have since had the time to get familiar with how the Teams app works.

The West Virginia Department of Education has recently determined that there is a security issue with the Teams integration with Schoology. To address this, Wood County Schools will discontinue its use on November 5th.

What does this mean specifically?

  • If you create links to Teams meetings in Schoology only, this option will no longer work after November 5th.
  • If you create links to meetings (either a one time meeting or ongoing) using the Teams app, your links will continue to work.
  • Any Teams meeting links created in the Teams app can be copied and pasted into a Schoology course or group.

We wanted you to be aware of the changes so that if you are still using this method, you have time to transition to the Teams app. If you have concerns or need some help, please feel free to book an appointment with Eric Murphy or Jimmy Stewart. We are happy to help!

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