Entering Comment Codes into WVEIS

Follow these steps to enter comment codes into WVEIS. Doing this requires you to be on the school network.

A) Visit WVEIS’s website at https://wveis.k12.wv.us.

B) Click on:

C) Login in with your WVEIS credentials (T996# and password). If you can’t get in, call MIS at (304) 420-9510.

D) Click on MENUS in the top, left corner:

E) Find the menu titled GRADING MAINTENANCE and click on the plus sign to the left of SGS100.

F) Click on GRD.410.

G) Make sure your school, grading term, and worksheet format are correct and then click submit in the bottom left corner. Elementary teachers, please note: Make sure you change the grading term to SEM 1 after selecting Term 1.



H) To enter comments codes, click first in the C03 or C04 box.  Then, click on the paper-in-hand icon beside comments for a comment code guide.

For issues or concerns, contact MIS at (304) 420-9510.

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