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Getting ‘Connection Not Private’ When Searching Google Using Chrome Browser?

Do you sometimes get an error when using Google Chrome browser and searching on Google’s search engine? These tend to be “certificate issues” that are resolved either at the state or county level IT departments. Often times, they resolve after restarting your computer.

In the meantime, here is a trick: Search instead on the Irish Google website. The address is simply The search results are essentially the same as the United States Google search site, and they are in the English language.

Clever Messages Feature to Be Discontinued

The Clever platform more recently introduced a messaging feature. Wood County Schools has decided to discontinue this option within Clever. Some educators used this option when teaching students in the WV Learns virtual school option as these students did not utilize the Schoology platform.

Wood County Schools’ official messaging platform between students and teachers is Schoology. Educators teaching in WCS’s new Distance Learning Academy will have access to messaging in Schoology.

The last day to use Clever’s messaging feature will be Friday, January 29, 2021.

Entering Comment Codes into WVEIS

Follow these steps to enter comment codes into WVEIS. Doing this requires you to be on the school network.

A) Visit WVEIS’s website at

B) Click on:

C) Login in with your WVEIS credentials (T996# and password). If you can’t get in, call MIS at (304) 420-9510.

D) Click on MENUS in the top, left corner:

E) Find the menu titled GRADING MAINTENANCE and click on the plus sign to the left of SGS100.

F) Click on GRD.410.

G) Make sure your school, grading term, and worksheet format are correct and then click submit in the bottom left corner. Elementary teachers, please note: Make sure you change the grading term to SEM 1 after selecting Term 1.



H) To enter comments codes, click first in the C03 or C04 box.  Then, click on the paper-in-hand icon beside comments for a comment code guide.

For issues or concerns, contact MIS at (304) 420-9510.

Taking Attendance in a Class Teams Meeting

Learn how to track attendance in your class Teams meetings. Jimmy Stewart shows you how simple it is to stay oh-so-organized.

Please note, this is for your own purposes only. Tracking attendance in a Teams meeting does not interface with Schoology Attendance and is not required by Wood County Schools.

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On-Demand Training: Flip Discovery Library

The Flip Discovery Library offers ready-to-use discussion prompts that are sure to get your students talking. Discover their quick intro course (rated 5 stars!) to help you navigate it and find inspiring topics to use with your learning community. Discover the Flip Discovery Library Course (37 minutes) Flip Discovery Library

On Behalf of the WV Department of Arts, Culture and History

The WV Department of Arts, Culture and History (WVDACH) is pleased to announce STEAM Power WV, an innovative grant program that supports education initiatives for West Virginia’s pre-k-12 students.  Partnering with the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the WVDACH is encouraging schools and non-profit organizations to integrate the Arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines […]

Create a Simple Link to a Class Teams Meeting

Creating a link directly to a Teams meeting, and then placing this link in a Schoology course, provides a simple way for students to join your live class meeting.

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Sharing Microsoft Teams Recordings in Schoology

Educators in Wood County Schools’ Distance Learning Academy (DLA) adapt their instruction to deliver lessons in ways that make use of several digital platforms. Although this video was created for educators in the DLA, it can be useful for any educator wanting to find additional ways to record (and protect) their instruction for students. Perhaps […]

Graphic Organizers, Brainstorming, & Ticket-Out-the-Door

Finding Useful Ways of Integrating Microsoft Whiteboard Into Your Instruction Using Microsoft’s recently updated Whiteboard application allows you and your students to quickly brainstorm ideas, use KWL charts, Venn diagrams and so much more. You can even create a ticket-out-the-door on the fly! Use a Whiteboard in Myriad Ways You ask, “What would I use […]

GoGuardian Got You Down?

Are you experiencing issues visiting legitimate websites for your instruction? It may be blocked by GoGuardian. Request that the website or specific URL be whitelisted so you can get back on track. The new tech work order system, SchoolDude, now offers this option. Sign in to your SchoolDude account. Under ‘Work Type,’ choose Whitelist Request.

Using a Pointer During a Class Teams Meeting

When you use an iPad to present to students during a class Teams meeting, you don’t have the advantage of using a mouse pointer to guide students through your presentation as you would on a laptop. You can, however, use an accessibility option to not only mimic a mouse pointer, but also have quick access to shortcuts that come in handy in the middle of a presentation.

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GoGuardian Deployment on February 9

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director: Go Guardian is being deployed to staff Macbooks and iPads on February 9th.   It will be pushed out before 7:00 AM that day.  Devices will grab the update as soon as they come online.       It will appear on your iPad and you may […]

SchoolDude Work Order System Goes Live February 9

On behalf of Jonathan Farley, WCS Management Information Services Director: Wood County Schools is moving to a new work order system called SchoolDude.  The purpose for going with SchoolDude is simplicity.  Any staff member can submit work orders by answering 4 questions. Creating your Account An email will be sent on February 9th to all staff […]

A Notice About Schoology Conferences Feature

A notice from Jonathan Farley, Director of Information Technology, and Amber Matty, Technology Integration Specialist

While Microsoft Teams is our supported and preferred tool for hosting conferences and meetings for distance learning, we know that some individuals have explored using the Schoology Conferences tool within our Schoology platform. During our monthly Schoology meeting with our support specialist, we received information concerning this tool. We want to pass along this information to you so you can make an informed decision if you are choosing to utilize this feature within the Schoology platform.

Every district Schoology account comes with a complimentary, basic Schoology Conferencing package. It was brought to our attention that this complimentary package supports a district-wide total of about 250 participants at any one given time. This means that if 10 teachers each had 25 students on a meeting using Schoology Conferences, and they were all using it during the ten o’clock hour, this would max out our district-wide meeting capacity during that time. It would be possible at that point for users to experience instability with the tool — class participants or teachers being “kicked off” meetings, the inability to join or re-join a meeting, sluggish performance, lags in video, or other degraded service issues.

While Schoology Conferences is convenient and handy, our district did not purchase the tool as an add-on because of cost and our existing licensure for Microsoft Teams (part of the Office 365 Suite) that has been purchased by the WVDE.

While Schoology Conferences is still available for use, please note that if you choose to use this tool, you and your students may experience degraded performance during your meetings. We do not have a way to track or limit the number of users of Schoology Conferences, so please use with caution and at your own risk.