Using Microsoft Whiteboard During Teams Meetings

Have you often wondered how teachers use their iPads to demonstrate content to students? Many teachers utilize Microsoft Whiteboard in coordination with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Whiteboard is simply a digital dry erase board that you can use as a stand-alone tool or collaboratively with students. This tool also allows teachers and students to create a digital product that can include features such as photos, shapes, drawings, text, backgrounds, etc. To learn more about using Microsoft Whiteboard during a Teams Meeting, please check out this resource. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of your Wood County Schools Technology Integration Specialists.

3 thoughts on “Using Microsoft Whiteboard During Teams Meetings

  1. Kimberly S White

    Good Morning,
    My question concerning my new Macbook and Teams.
    My students are complaining that my presenter box is too small for them to see.
    How can I make this larger?


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