Welcome to TeachingBooks

TeachingBooks is an ever-expanding database of resources provided by WCS libraries to enrich teaching and student learning experiences with books. Students can gain insight from authors and illustrators directly with videos and interviews. There are lesson plans, novel guides, author name pronunciations, author performances, and so much more. There are so many multimedia resources that I can’t begin to list them all. There are over 1500 complete book readings that are searchable and sharable, and they are all multiuser which means your entire class can listen to the same book reading. There are many options for sharing as illustrated here for Kwame Alexander’s author page. Imagine labels placed right inside the covers of the books!

Listen to the humorous story about his name and explore lots of resources for his books.

You can access Teaching books right from Schoology. While in any of your Schoology courses you can click directly on teachingbooks.net on the lower left side. Make sure your pop-up blocker is off or you allow TeachingBooks. You should get a window as illustrated below where you can log in with Clever right under “Sign in”. You will then be asked to sign up for your educator account that can be used to share resources, customize lists and explore in depth how TeachingBooks can boost your literacy instruction.

There are video tutorials and a training slide deck to reveal additional resource items. In addition, you can request a webinar and TeachingBooks will be more than happy to customize one to your specific needs. They can be as brief as you need them to be and you only need a couple of participants to request a webinar. They are wonderful to work with as you explore the value of this multimedia resource for you and your students.

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