Digital Rewards

Stephanie Agee

As a library media specialist, during this time of quarantine, I have found my role as a support system for the teachers in my school with technology implementation. Several of the teachers have reached out asking about doing some type of digital reward system with their students online. As I searched for resources to share, I couldn’t find anything that was free or that didn’t require you to download or implement the use of another app—because as a working parent I don’t think I can handle keeping up with another app. So I came up this idea using Keynote. For non-apple users, Keynote is a lot like Powerpoint, but in my opinion it is much more user friendly. If you don’t have access to an Apple product, then use Powerpoint to do it. First of all, create a title slide in the same presentation for each of your students. One student name per slide. 

Click on the + sign on the tool bar. Then pick an “image” that represents certain things like completed i-Ready minutes, completed book log, participation in an online meeting, participation in music class online, etc. Then every time the student accomplishes that, give them a “sticker.” 

You can change the color of the “sticker” by making sure it is selected, click on the paint brush, style, and then select the color you want to make the “sticker.” 

Continue to add “stickers” for each accomplishment. At the end of the week, hit the play button on the tool bar to make each slide full screen, click through your Keynote and take a screen shot of each slide, so that you can send the picture to the student. Keep adding to the students’ slide each week and at the end, send one final picture or print it off and give it to your student.

Stephanie Agee is a regular contributor to Innovate.

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