It’s all about getting started! Where do I start? In hindsight, I started with the two words located on the Wood County Schools Innovate website, “Be Inspired!” With every student and teacher in Wood County Schools receiving their own iPad, I knew I needed to be aware of all the opportunities with 1:1 devices. I attended some classes during Tech Week in July. I was excited, but then fear settled in. Would I remember all the things I learned in July?

This is where you can get help from our Technology Integration Specialists. I met Amber Matty during Tech Week. We started working together in September with LEGO’s WeDo 2.0.

Students installed the app from the catalog, and we introduced the kits to my 4th graders starting with the Explore phase. Students were building and coding Milo the Rover. The LEGO website offered videos and lesson plans for guided and open-ended projects. Excitement filled the air as students built the robots. They are ready to start Part B when they add Milo’s arm, a motion sensor. This is just the beginning of many lessons using the LEGO’s WeDo kits.

Ruth Patrick is a guest contributor on INNOVATE. She inspires learning through creativity with her students at Madison Elementary School.

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  1. Eric Murphy

    Thank you Ruth for your great post! I wanted to let others know that resources like the ones mentioned may be checked out for your classroom. Visit the ‘Reserve STEAM Devices’ in the sidebar to make a reservation.


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