i-Ready Data Now Available on Educator iPads

Update 3/18/20: Curriculum Associates has allowed access to reports for educators on iPadOS.

Update 10/10/19: Following the update to iPadOS, educators were able to access their students’ data directly through Safari browser on their iPads. Curriculum Associates, the company behind i-Ready, has decided to draw back this ability to use the iPad browser to access data. We will update here if there are any further changes.

In the past, accessing your student data on i-Ready required you to use a desktop or laptop computer. When Wood County Schools rolled out iPads for most of its educators, accessing this data on a mobile device seemed like a perfect match.

Then you discovered the iPad’s browser, Safari, did not meet the requirements for accessing the data.


Students were able to access i-Ready using the browser, but educators would have to wait for Curriculum Associates to update the i-Ready teacher portal.

Since Apple first introduced the iPad in April of 2010, it has shared the same operating system (OS) as the iPhone, known as iOS. Recently, Apple updated the iPad and gave it its own OS, named iPadOS. This new OS allows the browser to act in the same manner as a desktop browser.

Until now.

This change allows you to login to your i-Ready data on an iPad just as you would on a desktop. Oh happy day.

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